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Pilates at Millpool Looe . Tuesday 1pm - 2 pm the best hour of the week, brilliant workout, have made a new circle of friends & even managed to lose some of my spare tyre !! Win win - Jackie 


I never paid much attention to Pilates until I was injured in a car accident. Lack of activity whilst trying to recover from a neck injury left me in a rough state compared to my pre-accident fitness level. I was nervous about my neck when I began doing Pilates with Kerry, but her obvious knowledge of anatomy and physiology made me feel very comfortable with her instruction and direction. I came to her classes to regain lost strength and mobility and have seen a real improvement in both along with the added benefit of lost inches in all the right places. I have been working with her for several months, but was only brave enough to begin tracking the changes in my weight and measurements since mid January. I am so pleased to see that as of today February 18, I have lost a combined total of 8 inches from my hips, bust, waist and thigh area and I have big plans to lose more inches whilst regaining more physical strength.
- Elizabeth


I am much more flexible and feel generally fitter - Valerie

"I so enjoy Kerry's Pilates classes she is very professional, lovely and adds a little humour to proceedings! l always come away from her class feeling stretched and invigorated. Having a chronic health condition means that l am unable to do weight bearing exercises, Pilates does my body so much good and l am really building strength and becoming more toned."
Thank you Kerry 

We both feel really elated and happy 
after attending your pilates class 
Peter & myself enjoy doing classes 
together pilates is for everyone of all ages so works well for us 

Safety is of prime importance and Kerry makes sure every person in the 
class is doing the exercises correctly 
Kerry motivates us , makes us 
laugh , and we enjoy the challenges of the class 

Peter and Marlene

My back has been great after attending Kerry's
Pilates classes. I used to accept it grumbling - part of my job (horticulture) and
getting older - but now it's A1 again - much stronger, and lifting and bending
over just 'happens' and I don't even think about it,  and it is a pleasure to go to Kerry's classes, I've never had to drag myself there, even after a hard days work, knowing that I will come out afterwards feeling a whole load better and smiling. "




Word of mouth and recommendation is always great. Pilates classes are a wonderful way to workout and meet new people, so if you have someone that would benefit from this wonderful system come and see me for more information. 

Stuck for a gift? I also do gift vouchers for my sessions. Please contact me to find out more.

Lets work together and help each other grow.

My classes are not just about Pilates. They are a form of socilaisation for my clients to get to know other people and make new friends. We often do not know what people do for a living and you could have a business or hobby that would really be great that could help our Community grow and make a better place. If you have anything coming up and would like to get it known, please let me know and together we can watch our Community become ever better.

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